Gizmo received her 1st CoM in the UGS gundog working test at just 18 months old.


David had a good season and enjoyed Judging 3 Field Trials. 


Always a nail biting time for me waiting on DNA results as I choose to have Midwayview Mystic Moss of Cedarose aka Moss tested for AMS and received the results today he is Normal/Clear for this happy days. 


Dave has been invited to Judge 2 field trials this coming season which he has excecpted. 


We had a great season in 2014 with FTW Cedarose Dubawi Dancer aka Danny winning a Novice Field Trial making him a FTW, in the same trial Dave also got 3rd place with Cwnhelabach Dyfi of Cedarose making Dee a FTAW. We will be running Danny in Open trials next season.



We are expecting a litter of English Springer Spaniels in July. This litter is by FTAW Foxy Fowler Jake at Cedarose aka Twist & Woodsweep Rapunzel of Cedarose aka Sash. 



We have had some good result in field trials so far this season with Danny getting 2nd place & Twist getting a CoM & 3rd place. We still have a few more trials to run in Jan. Dee has also had a run in a field trial but no luck so far.



Dee gave birth to a litter of 5 dog pups 1 liver & 4 black all doing well we will be running one of these on. Both Danny & Twist are now running in field trials with Danny's 1st run on the 14 Oct fingers crossed for some luck with these 2 boys.



We are expecting a litter of cocker spaniels in September from Dee for more info check pups for sale page.



Danny & Twist have made the team for the match against The Three Shires Meet in September. We our now offering one to one training. 



Good news today as both Danny & Dee had there BVA eye test including Gonioscopy both passed with clear results. Danny is now available at stud & we are planing a litter of cockers from Moss & Dee later in the year


Today Dave competed in the UGS Novice Gundog Working Test with Dee this was her 1st test she had competed in & had to take part in a run of at the end, she lost out getting 1st place to an ESS but was awarded 2nd place a fantastic result. I then competed in the Open test in the afternoon with Twist & he was awarded a CoM. 


Today Dave competed in both the Novice & Open Gundog Working Tests at the Kent Working Spaniel Club. Danny was awarded 2nd place in the Novice this was Danny's 1st test so we were very pleased indeed. Moss was awarded a CoM in the Open test. 


We have recieved Dee's DNA tests for both FN & prcd-PRA both results were Normal/Clear just have eye tests to do now :-)


Today I got my 1st Field Trial Award in The Essex Field Trial Society All Aged stake. Really pleased with him he did really well.


Fantastic news today as I recieved Danny's DNA test results back for both Fuco & PRA Cord-1 both Normal/Clear.


Over the moon today as Me & Twist came 1st at the Essex Spaniel Get-together Novice GWT. A hunt, blind & seen under each judge + a water reteive.


Today Michelle & Twist got a COM in the Kent Novive GWT it was a long day but well worth it.


Moss's DNA test came back for prcd-PRA result Normal/Clear.

Michelle ran Twist in a trial today it was Michelle's 1st trial & Twist has done a couple before. He had an excellent hunt up in bare bottom wood working the falling logs lovely but the little devil flushed a hen bird & ran in more training needed!!! Bonus was both judges asked if he was for sale of course I said NO & they told me to get him right & he'll win a trial. Always next time.


We had Twist's DNA result back today for PRA Cord 1 and it was Clear this means he has 2 copies of the clear gene so can't pass PRA Cord 1 onto his offspring.


We have Twist's DNA result back for Fuco - Clear & Moss's DNA test back for FN - Clear just waiting on Twist's for PRA cord 1 & Moss's for prcd PRA still keeping fingers crossed.


Twist & Moss have now been DNA tested waiting & hoping for clear results with fingers crossed always a nail biting time!!

Twist & Rob have now started entering in field trials no luck as yet.

Photos have been added of Skyes puppys on the pups for sale page. There is still a l/w & a b/w dog available ready now. Puppy's now either sold or reserved.

Codi is of to Spain next week for a lovely life in the sun.


Skye had eight lovely puppys on the 20.8.11 2 bitches & 6 dogs more info on the puppy for sale page. Twist has got a run in the kent novice working test on 4.9.11 so fingers crossed not expecting to much as he is still a young dog.


Dave & rob entered the Essex Spaniel Get-Together Open Working Test in sunday & were placed 10th not bad considering Rob is still a novice dog. Got a phone call today to say they had made the team for the away match against The Three Shires as other people had pulled out so they will have a weekend away in September.

Skye is getting larger by the day her pups are due next week.


We have had Skye scanned & she is in pup. These are due around the 17th August.


Today Dave ran Rob in the LCSS Cocker All-Aged GWT & he got Best Novice. He did't get placed in the main awards as he messed up on the water retrieve. When Dave took his lead of Rob went into the water to investigate something blue that was floating in the water ( this was before the dummy was even thrown.) Dave got Rob out & he then completed his water retrieve. They had 2 good runs these consisted of a hunt up with the gun & dummy thrower walking up infront of the hunting dog. 2 shots were fired a seen thrown then when the dog was on the way back with the seen a blind was thrown where the seen had been & the dog had to be sent back out to it.


Today Dave ran Skye in the Kent Novice GWT & she received a COM. She had a hunt up with a seen & blind retreive on the first run & a hunt & seen retrieve on the 2nd run. It was also very warm which didn't help the dogs.


Skye has just been DNA tested for Fuco & PRA Cord 1 both these tests have come back Clear. This means neither Skye or her pups will get these. She will be mated as soon as she comes into season just a waiting game now!!


David & Skye entered the Mid-Sussex novice GWT, this took place in bracken which pleased us as we use this to train in at home. On their 1st run they had a hunt & a seen retrieve & on the 2nd run they had a hunt & a blind retireve. They were awarded a COM.


David & Skye entered the Kent novice GWT. This was in what looked like tall white grass, but when David entered it he found it full of brambles & really thick in places. They were no. 7 out of 27. On their 1st run they had a hunt & a blind retrieve & on their 2nd run they had a hunt & a seen retrieve. When the awards were giving out they recieved a COM.


Skye was in entered in the Essex Spaniel Get-together Open GWT. David was running her & they had 2 good runs with a seen & blind retrieve on each run & a water retrieve. They were awarded a com & placed 5th with 77 pts the dog in 4th place only had 78 pts so it was very close. This means they have got into the team for the match against The Three Shires. We are very pleased with this result & David has plans to trial Skye this season.