English Springer Spaniel at stud

Twist is no longer at stud  

 FTAW Foxy Fowler Jake at Cedarose




D/O/B: 27.7.10

He is out of FTCH Clanicker Mick & Marshepark Ash 

Colour: Liver & white 

6.5.17 BVA eye test - Clear

6.5.17 Gonioscopy - Clear

17.11.11 DNA tested for Fuco - result Clear

28.11.11 DNA tested for PRA Cord 1 - result Clear

Twist is L/W dog who is available at stud. He is a soft & honest dog & has been really easy to train. He has competed in Gundog Working Tests winning a Novice in the summer of 2012. Twist has several Field Trial awards and now goes beating with Dave. He hunts with pace & drive crashing through any cover but remaining nice & close with lots of eye contact. He has a good mark on seen retrieves and can be handled with ease.

Twist's Awards

15.4.12 C.o.M - Kent Novice Gundog Working Test

13.5.12 3rd place - The London Cocker AV Novice Gundog working test

13.5.12 KC Working Gundog Certificate

16.7.12 1st place - Essex Spaniel Get-Together Novice GWT

4.12.12 CoM - The Essex Field Trial Society All Aged Field Trial.

28.4.13 CoM - The UGS Open Gundog Working Test

18.8.13 4th place - Essex Spaniel Get-Together Open GWT

14.10.13 CoM - The Suffolk Gundog Club AV Novice Spaniel Field Trial.

4.12.13 3rd place - Eastern Counties Spaniel Society AV Novice Spaniel Field Trial 

8.1.14   CoM - Utility Gundog Society AV Novice Spaniel Field Trial 

17.8.14 4th place - Essex Spaniel Get-Together Open GWT